Page 15 - Pick Up And Play Guitar System (Paulie Z) : Flip It & Read It
P. 15

J U L I O   M .
                                   R E A L   P I C K   U P   A N D   P L AY
                                   S T U D E N T

                this stuff is a cheat code. I was going through

                it last like wow this is really connecting the

                dots for me.

                Here's How I Went From

                Practicing For Weeks To

            Learn A Song, Feeling Stuck,

                 And Like There Was No

              Hope... To Playing It From

                   Start To Finish Nearly

              Flawlessly By Ignoring The

             Common Wisdom, Ditching

              All The Rules And Flipping

               The “Traditional” Practice

                 Methods Upside Down
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